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How it Works

How You Save

Petfair Price Promise

YouDoPet is the world's first Claim Sharing company, where the cost of claims is shared by our members. YouDoPet offers a community friendly alternative to pet insurance. We are not an insurer. We provide pet cover for our members, and the members share the cost of the claims within the YouDoPet community. YouDo has changed the way pet cover is done - we've made it simple.

YouDo is different - Watch the video.

  • Instead of paying an insurance premium, members pay a small membership fee plus a share of claims from other members if they occur. See what is the cost.
  • We promise that you will never pay more than you would have done had you bought an insurance policy with similar cover.
  • Our business model has low overheads, and as a Community Interest Company, we serve our members, not maximise our profits.
  • Members of the YouDoPet community benefit from industry standard cover and may save money at the same time.

Statistics published by the ABI show that over the last ten years, the value of pet insurance claims represents approximately 55% of premiums paid by the public.

  • Our membership fees are roughly equivalent to 15% of premiums, so overall you can expect to save 30% with us.
  • In the event a member makes a claim, it will be allocated depending on the level of cover and which members have pets with a similar risk profile to the claimant.
  • If you have a strong street cat, you won't be paying out to someone who has a pedigree pooch. You will only share claims that are for similar types of animals and owners.
  • Which all means you should save money compared to traditional insurance, about 30%.

The Petfair Price Promise means that as a YouDoPet member you will never be asked to pay more than the maximum annual amount as agreed with you at the beginning of each annual period of cover.

Our Promise

  • Our members can be confident that their annual contributions for claims will not be more than the cost of buying an equivalent cover for their pet with an insurance company.
  • We act as the member of last resort and we may use our discretion to contribute towards claims.
  • An insurance policy is in place to ensure that we have access to sufficient funds to keep our Petfair Price Promise.

We Don't Keep Your Money. YouDo.

Pet Insurance is not insurance when YouDo it

  • Save an estimated 30%

  • Pet2Pet cover

  • PetFair Price Promise

  • Pay as you Go

We Don't Keep Your Money. YouDo.

Pet Insurance is not insurance when YouDo it