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Puppy Certificate - Ask Your Breeder

The RSPCA, British Veterinary Association and the 2018 Animal Welfare regulations all recommend that the breeder provides information as to the health, parentage and socialisation of the puppy. This is considered best practice whether the breeder is licensed or not. Our Breeder Records software is available to the breeder free of charge so there is no excuse for them not to provide this information. If you are purchasing a new puppy please make sure your breeder uses a system like our Puppy Certificate, It is free for any registered Breeder to use.

Please help us to eliminate puppy farming through better records.

Use the button to email your Breeder and ask them to register.

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Hounds were originally bred to hunt and work at a distance from people so they can be quite independent which is why hounds are often described as aloof. The hound category comprises a large number of popular breeds from the speedy whippet to the fearsome ridge back. With such a broad category potential owners should consider each breed individually to decide if they are suitable as family pets.

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10 Year Cost£11,969 with insurance or save £1,251 with claim sharing
10 Year Cost£10,700 with insurance or save £1,482 with claim sharing