Age of Horse and Your Address
To join YouDoEquine your horse must be between 60 days and 18 years old.
We require your postcode and address to provide an accurate quotation due to variations in veterinary fees throughout the UK.
Horse Classes
Class 1 use covers Hacking, Horses at Grass and Retired Horses
Class 2 use includes Class 1 plus Flat Schooling, Gymkhanas, Showing, Scurry Driving, Pony Club, Riding Club, Breeding, Heavy horses, Western, Foals over 60 days old, Trec, Vaulting.
Class 3 use includes Class 1 and Class 2 plus Novice Level Competition (Showjumping, Dressage, Hunter Trials, Endurance, Cross country, Eventing, Team Chasing, Driving, Jump Cross).
Please note: We do not cover Intermediate and Advanced Competition. Also excluded are the activities of hunting (including that of drag hunting and cubbing), combined driving, point to point racing, flat racing, polo or horse ball.
Loss of Use, Vetting and Personal Accident
Loss of Use Cover is 75% of the value of the horse. Personal Accident cover is included with Loss of Use.
A BVA mortality certificate is required for Foals aged between 60 days and 1 year old.
2 Stage vetting is required for horses with a market value exceeding £5,000 with no Permanent Loss of Use cover.
5 Stage vetting certificate is required for horses with a market value exceeding £3,000 with Permanent Loss of Use cover.
Please send the certificate by email within 14 days or your cover may be cancelled.
Personal Accident cover up to £10,000. Temporary total disability £100 per week, maximum 52 weeks.
Dental treatment £1,000. Hospital treatment £50 per day, maximum 30 days.