Why We Need Your Address
The cost of veterinary care varies by over 100% for different locations throughout the UK.
Therefore we require your postcode and address to provide an accurate quotation and maximise your savings.
Pet Age Limits and Multiple Pets
To join the YouDoPet claim sharing community your pet must be aged between 8 weeks and 8 years.
If you have more than one pet, please join with your first pet and additional pets can be added once your membership has been approved.
Types of Cover
Accident Only: If your pet is hurt in an accident, you have cover for vet fees of up to £2,500.
Time Limited: Cover of up to £4,000 for vet fees for each new illness or injury for up to 12 months.
Maximum Benefit: Vet fees for each new illness or injury up to £7,000, until your limit is reached.
Lifetime: Vet fees of up to £10,000, reinstated annually, to give you continuous ongoing cover.