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Skye Terrier

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The Skye Terrier is an old breed of terrier that originated more than four centuries ago on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. He was used to hunt, following prey into their burrows then dragging them out. The Skye Terrier is a rare breed, and if exercised too often, too young, especially before 8 months, they can damage their bone growth. Jumping up and down from objects, climbing over objects, running, even long walks, are all things to be avoided for the first 8 to 10 months to prevent later problems and allow for correct closure of the growth plate.

Mammary cancer is the leading cause of death amongst Skye Terriers.

Common Medical Disorders

Eye disorders Lens luxation
Gastrointestinal disorders Chronic hepatitis

Lifetime Cost of Ownership

Accessories £10 per month. Total £1,200
Food £40 per month. Total £4,800
Health and Dental £15 per month. Total £1,800
Veterinary Care Traditional pet insurance for a Skye Terrier would be £3,889 over ten years. Equivalent cover through claim sharing would cost £2,722. Claim sharing saves you £1,167.
10 Year Cost £11,689 with insurance or save £1,167 with claim sharing


Character Fearless, Friendly, Loyal

Breed Information

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