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Breed: Maltese Find Litters

The Maltese is a small breed of toy dog originating in the islands of Malta. They have also been known as the "ancient dog of Malta," the "Roman Ladies' Dog," the "Maltese Lion Dog," and the "Melita" (the ancient capital of Malta). They are bred to be companion dogs and they are very energetic and playful. Their constant barking can become a problem for their owners.

Generally a very healthy breed, they are prone to health issues such as White shaker dog syndrome, Heart disease and Epilepsy.

Common Medical Disorders

Nervous system disorders
  • Idiopathic epilepsy
  • Shaker dog syndrome

Lifetime Cost of Ownership

Accessories £8 per month. Total £960
Food £30 per month. Total £3,600
Health and Dental £10 per month. Total £1,200
Veterinary Care Traditional pet insurance for a Maltese would be £3,279 over ten years. Equivalent cover through claim sharing would cost £2,295. Claim sharing saves you £984.
10 Year Cost £9,039 with insurance or save £984 with claim sharing


Character Affectionate, Lively, Gentle.

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