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Munsterlander (Large)

Breed: Munsterlander (Large) Find Litters

The Large Munsterlander is a rare breed of hunting dog originally from the Munster region of Germany. A lot of breeders will only allow the puppies to go to owners who hunt, as that is what they are born to do. They require plenty of exercise and a sizeable yard that is fenced so that they can run around. Given the right home, they can make a calm, gentle family dog.

Large Munsterlanders are generally healthy. Conditions reported in the breed include Cataracts, Hip dysplasia, and Osteochondrosis.

Common Medical Disorders

Eye disorders Cataracts
Musculoskeletal disorders Hip dysplasia

Lifetime Cost of Ownership

Accessories £12 per month. Total £1,440
Food £50 per month. Total £6,000
Health and Dental £20 per month. Total £2,400
Veterinary Care Traditional pet insurance for a Munsterlander (Large) would be £4,169 over ten years. Equivalent cover through claim sharing would cost £2,918. Claim sharing saves you £1,251.
10 Year Cost £14,009 with insurance or save £1,251 with claim sharing


Character Affectionate, Lively, Dependable.

Breed Information

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