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YouDoPet members who need to make a claim can contact our claims helpline on 020 7148 3322 or alternatively email at

See Submitting a Claim for details of the information you will need to provide before you contact us.

Members Portal

Members manage their claims through our dedicated members website. Members can see a record of their claims, documents for each claim, claims payments and email messages in one easy to use interface.

A Claim Example

01Colin the Cat wakes up one morning with the world at his paw-tips. The sun is shining, and his loving owners are at hand to give him lots of TLC.

02Then a petastrophe occurs (a catastrophe or dog-astrophe). Colin has an accident and needs to be taken to the Vet urgently. Me-owch.

03When he arrives at the Veterinary practice, he is entrusted in the capable hands of a Vet ready to nurse him back to health.

04The vet does his work, and presents the owners with a bill.

05The owners, who are Members of the YouDoPet Community, telephone or email us to report a claim.

06We then contact the vet and ask them to complete a Claim form, which is sent back to us via email.

07We look at the details of the claim, and if the claim is covered, we split the cost of the claim (less an excess if applicable) between a group of YouDoPet Members.

08The claim is for £200 and this is split up between 20 Members, who all pay £10 each.

09Colin makes a full recovery, and soon forgets anything has happened.

10The owners receive a payment from the YouDoPet Community.

Everyone is happy. Thank you YouDoPet.