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We believe that cover for pets should be something that every pet owner should have access to. No one should be so worried about potential bills that they are nervous about taking their dog or cat to the vet. With YouDoPet you're part of a community of people like you, with pets like yours.

01Your cat or dog needs treatment, and you have a vet bill or other cost to pay.

02YouDoPet shares the cost of a covered claim amongst a group of members, so each member pays a small amount, typically £10 - £30 for the average level of cover, via a direct debit or credit card.

03The total amount of the agreed claim is paid directly to you, or the vet.

04If the owner of another cat or dog makes a claim, that claim will also be shared, and this time you may have a small amount to pay.

05The Petfair Price Promise keeps a cap on every member's annual payments - you'll never pay more than you would with an insurance policy giving similar cover.

06The YouDo technology keeps the payments flowing, but beyond the annual cost of membership, no money goes to YouDoPet, only to the YouDoPet members to cover their claims.

07Administration costs are kept as low as possible, and are covered by the annual membership fee.


Any claims are shared among a group of similar pets. It's in no one's interest to inflate claims, nor for us to avoid paying claims.
We want you, and your cats and dogs, to be protected.  At YouDoPet, there's strength in numbers.