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We've checked and re-checked the data and we know how insurance claims work, and we know what you can expect to pay, but being pet-owners we've all learned to expect the unexpected. At YouDo we don't leave anything to chance.

The Petfair Price Promise means that as a YouDoPet member you will never be asked to pay more than the maximum annual amount that was agreed with you at the beginning of each annual period of cover.

Our members can be confident that their annual contributions for claims will not be more than the cost of buying an equivalent cover for their pet with an insurance company.

As we act as the member of last resort we may use our discretion to contribute towards claims.

You've got cover

An insurance policy is in place to ensure that we have access to sufficient funds to keep our Petfair Price Promise. You will not pay more than your latest insurance premium for similar cover, or if you haven't had insurance before, no more than the cost of similar insurance, and that includes your membership fee.  We estimate that you should save about 30% per year.  You can budget by simply dividing your latest annual insurance premium by 12 months, giving you your estimated maximum monthly payment.

Any payments you make will be paying towards cover for pets like yours, living in an area like yours. If there are no claims in your group, no-one in the group pays anything except their membership fee.

Of course, with lots of members, there will be some claims, but these will be shared and therefore each member’s payment kept as small as possible. And the Petfair Price Promise means there will never be any nasty surprises.