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Joining YouDoPet could mean big savings, about 30% compared to an insurance policy. YouDoPet can do this by cutting overheads and by using technology to make joining and claiming quick and efficient. No fancy offices, no reams of paper, just good value, a transparent claims process and our Petfair Price Promise.

YouDoPet is not insurance therefore no insurance premium tax (IPT) is payable saving 12%, also you won't find YouDoPet on any price comparison websites, which means no commission to pay either.

  • Low annual membership fee
  • Choose your cover
  • Nothing extra to pay if no claims by similar pets
  • Petfair Price Promise, annual cap on each member's payments

The likely savings are calculated over a year and are based on two things:

01What you would pay for similar cover elsewhere

02What you are likely to pay for other members' claims

A bit more about how we calculate each of these.

Our estimate of the cost of similar cover elsewhere will be based on your last policy if you had one. If you've never had a pet insurance policy, we use an average of what insurers would be likely to charge for a pet like yours. This average is based upon the insurers' published data.

We estimate likely payments by looking at the chances of owners of pets similar to yours needing to make a claim and we put pets with similar likely risks into the same group. This makes it fair: if you have a strong street cat, you won't be paying out to someone who has a pedigree pooch, and your dashboard means you can always track what claims you are contributing to.

It's important to remember that the maximum amount any member may have to pay is capped, so you know you'll never be out of pocket. You know you should save about 30%, and maybe more.