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YouDoPet is a Community Interest Company regulated by the CIC regulator, a company designed with your interests at heart. Joining YouDoPet means joining a community of pet owners who want to have the reassurance of protecting their pet, but with the benefits staying in the community.

  • Community cover - for you and your pets' benefit
  • For members
  • A modern model with traditional roots
  • Low over heads

YouDoPet is open and transparent about its business. We file a community benefit report every year with Companies House and the report is a public document. Our platform manages claims, your dashboard tracks savings and shows where every penny of your money goes.

Fair Obtaining License

How we will use your data

Claim Sharing purposes

Claim Sharing purposes i.e. to examine the potential risk in relation to your (and/or a third party's) prospective Membership so that we can:

  • Group you together with similar owners and pets.
  • Evaluate how much you would have to pay for similar cover.

Searches may be carried out at point of application, and if membership commences, at the renewal stage.

Anti-fraud purposes

Anti-fraud purposes i.e. to detect and prevent fraudulent claims and/or activities by:

  • Undertaking searches to discover any previous instances of insurance fraud.

How your data will be processed

Your personal data will not be used for marketing. It will only be shared within organisations involved with the administration of your Membership or as otherwise set out in this Data Protection Notice.

We may pass details of your claims to certain organisations to be recorded on a national database.