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By Tanith Facey

I promised to keep you in the loop and here it is.....WE ARE LIVE!!  Our brand new Claim Sharing platform is active and ready for you to join other members. It's been a busy year, but so worth it becaue i’ve absolutely loved being involved in the launch of YouDoPet. There is nothing nicer than seeing a new business emerge that is more than just profit and intends to change something for the greater good. But it has not been without its’ challenges.

By Deana Luchia

Dogs abound in literature: the loyal Argos of Homer’s The Odyssey, Jip in Dickens’ David Copperfield, Fred Gipson’s eponymous Old Yeller, Dorothy’s beloved terrier Toto in The Wizard of Oz, Tintin’s sidekick Snowy, and Elizabeth Barret Browning’s spaniel Flush – the subject of a whole book by Virginia Woolf.

By Deana Luchia

We’re all familiar with the following collective nouns: a gaggle of geese, a colony of ants, a flock of sheep; but what about a nuisance of cats, or a mischief of mice? I’ve read but never used the expression a murder of crows in a conversation. Maybe I should.

by Tanith Facey

Good Morning all!

It is a very busy and exciting time for us right now at YouDoPet HQ as we get ready to launch our Claim Sharing platform at the end of this month.  I will confirm the actual date as soon as possible, just a few more things to put in place and we will be good to go. We have had a lot of calls this week though with some early questions, so I thought it a good idea to share answers for the most common ones.  We know our Claim Sharing platform is a brand new concept, but hopefully these answers will help you absorb it that much quicker.